Motivational Monday

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! We enjoyed 1 day of nice weather (a HUGE spring tease) and now are expecting snow this week. Oh goody! This hot-cold-hot-cold weather has caused both of the girls to be wheezy and congested this week, and we have 4 new teeth coming in between the two of them. This mama is exhausted! Fun times. It’s going to be a coffee IV kind of day (or maybe week). I can already tell.

Goal: Lose 20 pounds. Live a healthy lifestyle every day with my family.

Progress to date: 11 weeks in, I am down 15.3 pounds. I lost .8 pounds last week.

Highlight of last week: We had a busy week, and the girls definitely weren’t themselves (oh, and we are weaning Alexis from her binky when she sleeps…so fun. Not.), so this mommy was beyond tired, but still managed to squeeze in my workouts. A couple of days, I couldn’t even muster up the energy to do a full workout, but I still did SOMETHING. And in the end, it made me feel much better.

Challenge of last week: Giving myself {a lot} of pep talks to get my workouts in when all I wanted to do if I had a free second was nap, sit, watch tv…pretty much anything else besides work out.

Workouts: I did 3 days of running (totaling 7 miles), 2 days of T25, and 1 day I did a quick workout of lunges, squats, pushups, sit ups and jumping jacks (15 of each exercise, repeat 5 times).

Lessons I learned this week: When you are exhausted and want to give up, take a break, or “just do it tomorrow”…DON’T. I felt so much better (and had more energy) when I forced myself to work out. And believe me, no part of me wanted any parts of a workout this week. At all.

Our dinner meal plans this week:

Monday: Arugula salad topped with leftover bbq flank steak.

Tuesday: Chicken brushetta and pearled cous cous over spinach

Wednesday: Grilled salmon, sweet potatoes and asparagus

Thursday: Spaghetti squash with turkey tomato sauce and parm

Friday: sushi (We don’t eat meat on Friday’s during Lent, but we are a sushi Friday house anyway!)

Here’s to {hopefully} a week of a little more energy and rest! And HOPEFULLY the LAST snowflake for a long time!

A little Monday cuteness…

my favorite costco shoppers

my favorite costco shoppers

And my very best buddies

And my very best buddies


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