5 on Friday

The 1st Friday of Spring is here! Can I get an AMEN! I’m going to ignore the fact that it might snow again next week, and focus on the fact that the winter that almost killed us all slowly has finally come to an end.


As I mentioned last week, my best friend just had a baby! I’ve been waiting all week to get over there tonight for some squishy baby snuggles and a {long awaited} sushi and champagne date with Little Dude’s mommy! And after my snuggles, I’m heading to {another long awaited thing} get my hair colored. Gotta love a good Friday! And how cute is this crew welcoming the little newbie into their gaggle?



Ok, so I know I said I wouldn’t be doing Stitch Fix monthly, but who was I kidding? I already signed up for my next fix, and I’m counting down the days tip April 18th! We are having dinner at The Melting Pot on Sunday to celebrate my MIL’s retirement, and I think the tan floral blouse will be getting it’s 1st wear. Again, highly recommend! I’m hooked! Feel free to use this link to sign up if you are interested.


Side note…It’s safe to say that Sunday’s dinner at  The Melting Pot will be my big cheat this weekend. Already dreaming of lots of cheese, and LOTS of chocolate. Yum! 


I wanted to take a “happy spring!” picture for the 1st day of spring. Instead, I ended up with a baby mugshot. I couldn’t love it more.



Calling all margarita drinkers! I’m looking for your favorite tried and true margarita recipes. Frozen, on the rocks, classic, flavored…whatever! I’m up for anything. Definitely interested in some “skinny” margarita recipes if you have any you love too. Looking for some new ones to try…help a margarita loving mama out!

Pic credit: mypantryshelf.com

Pic credit: mypantryshelf.com


Open House #2 this week. Fingers crossed the warmer weather starts to bring more people around. I buried St. Joseph and everything…no go! I was counting on my upside-down statue! I’m never one to want to speed up time, but in this case, I’d love to fast forward to finding our new home, closing, and moving day. Any good thoughts you can send my way would be appreciated! I’ll take all of the ‘sell this house!” vibes that you have!





  1. Kerry says

    I’m so tempted to try Stitch Fix but still want to lose weight before investing in a new wardrobe… But then again I really have no clothes to wear at the moment. Decisions decisions…

    Here’s my favorite skinny margarita recipe – ridiculously simple! I make blended margaritas though – which really can only be healthier since I’m just adding ice aka water. It’s like I’m hydrating while dehydrating :)


    • says

      LOL!!! I will be trying those out this weekend, thanks!! The shopper in me says…do stitch fix. It was that much fun. The practical side of me says…there is no practical side of me.

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