{Kid free} Vacation Carry-on Bag

Not that I’m counting, but if I were, the hubby and I would be leaving on a mini vaca in 22 days. It’s been years since I packed a carry-on bag that didn’t include a combination (or all) of the following: diapers, wipes, more wipes, bottles, sippys, snacks, more snacks, changes of clothes, toys, books, more snacks. Here is what will be coming in my carry-on this time around. There will still be a few snacks, but probably not mum-mums and goldfish.

{no kids} vaca carry-on bag

I will be packing the usual things: wallet, cell phone, some magazines and my kindle to read, gum, a snack, water, chapstick, lipgloss, hand lotion and sanitizer, a cardigan since I’m always freezing on planes, and my makeup bag (I still have the shakes from when we traveled to Italy and the bag containing my makeup did not arrive when we did. Not pretty, folks.) I’ll also be tossing in a bathing suit and sunblock since we arrive in the morning and I don’t plan on wasting any time before we are sitting poolside or on the beach with margaritas and no one yelling “MOMMMMMY!!!!” every 2 seconds.

22 days.

IF I was counting.


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