Motivational Monday

This might be a fast post…I’m in the middle of watching something very important! The Bachelor Wedding! Hi. My name is Jenn, and I am a diehard Bachelor fan! And for those of you that watched…how many times do you think she said “grown sexy”? Would have made a great drinking game.

Goal: Lose 20 pounds. Live a healthy lifestyle every day with my family.

Progress to date: 3 weeks in, I am down 8 pounds. I only lost 1 pound last week, but that is totally normal. And honestly, I didn’t eat as clean as I should have some of the days, so I’ll take what I can!

Hightlight of last week: Getting my workouts in, and increasing the distance I ran on the treadmill.

Challenge of last week: Man, it’s hard to eat good during snowstorms. Snowstorms practically scream, bake! Eat! Eat and cuddle! Eat some more! I did pretty decent though, and even passed up baking yummy cookies for a healthier (and delicious!) blueberry greek yogurt banana bread. The weekend was a little tougher. I made healthy choices when I could, but also had fast food while out all day house hunting. Ok, and maybe a boston cream donut. What? Don’t judge.

Workouts: I spent the week alternating T25 and running on my treadmill again. I was able to increase the distance I ran this week, which made me happy. T25 is still ass-kicking and awesome.

Lessons I learned this week: Boston cream donuts taste extra delicious after not having them for awhile. So do McDonalds fries. WHAT? I said it was a cheat day! Also, I showed some restraint and got medium fries instead of large. And believe me…I wanted the large. I’m also back to my good old gum trick. I always carry a strong, mint gum so I can pop it in to chew when I want to pick on the kids snacks, graze while making dinner, eat more fries, etc.

Our dinner meal plans this week:

Monday: Filet mignon, shaved brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes.

Tuesday: Sauteed tilapia with plum tomatoes and spinach

Wednesday: Honey chipotle chicken bowls with lime quinoa

Thursday: Grilled balsamic chicken and asparagus

Friday: sushi

What was your biggest challenge last week? I hope everyone has a great week! And, for the love of God…I hope this week doesn’t go anywhere NEAR as slow as last week did!



  1. Colleen says

    You have totally convinced me to get T25! I want to be “grown sexy”…12 weeks after the twins is a good time to start! Thanks for the insight!

    • says

      yes, definitely! It’s really awesome. If you don’t know someone selling it, I linked to the person I used in one of my original posts. It came with more things (for less money) then they were selling it for on amazon. Totally worth it. I’d love to hear about your progress!

  2. Chelsea Rossi says

    Lol! I’m happy to hear that I’m not the only one who obsesses over Bachelor! I LOVE the Ecard! I had a cheat day today… But ate every carb in sight!

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